Reloading for 2020

The programme for the 18th edition of the Baltic Sea Festival is in the making. By the end of March we will release the tickets - stay tuned!

Watch afterwards

Saturday August 24

  • Talk

    Tonight´s livestreamed conversation from Copenhagen takes place between music director Alan Gilbert and the musician and journalist Nikolaj Koppel.

Sunday August 25

  • Talk

    Tonight´s conversation from Riga will take place between Dagnija Lejiņa and Māris Gailis, who will share their insights about the various urgencies that the Baltic Sea and the surrounding region face.

Monday August 26

  • Talk

    The evening’s conversation takes places between composer Justė Janulytė and journalist Berta Tilmantaitė, live from Vilnius.

Wednesday August 28

  • Talk

    Professor Maarja Kruusmaa in conversation with journalist and TV host Joonas Hellerma from Arvo Pärt Center in Laulasmaa outside Tallin.

Thursday August 29

  • TALK

    President Tarja Halonen in a conversation with world famous violinist Pekka Kuusisto from Hanaholmen in Helsingfors.

Friday August 30

  • TALK

    Tatiana Lanshina, chair of ReGeneration 2030 in conversation with Jochen Lamp, the winner of the Baltic Sea Award. From Mariehamn at Åland.

Saturday August 31

  • TALK

    Meet one of the most powerful people in Swedish environmentalism, Johan Kuylenstierna, and artist Sofia Jannok, whose dynamic voice paints musical landscapes, both strong voices for environment and music. Live from Berwaldhallen.