About Berwaldhallen

The Berwaldhallen concert hall, with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Swedish Radio Choir, is one of the Swedish Radio’s and the country´s most important cultural institutions, and has a reach far beyond the country’s borders.

Swedish Radio’s Concert Hall

Berwaldhallen is the home stage for the two ensembles the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Swedish Radio Choir, which are both among the best in Europe in their respective fields. Through tours and performances across the world, they have also become important ambassadors for Swedish music and culture abroad. Every year, around 100 concerts are performed – in Berwaldhallenand on tours, and the Baltic Sea Festival is organised here every summer. All concerts are broadcast in Swedish Radio, most in P2, as well as throughout and outside Europe via EBU, the European Broadcasting Union.

Thanks to the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Swedish Radio Choir, Swedish Radio can offer its listeners quality culture. Through live broadcasts, art music of very high quality, and musical experiences that would otherwise be hard to access are made available to everyone.

Berwaldhallen was opened in the autumn of 1979. There were great protests ahead of the construction. It was not to be visible too high above ground. Therefore, the concert hall is blasted in, so two thirds of it are below ground. The concert hall was designed by architects Erik Ahnborg and Sune Lindström. Two years after the opening, the concert hall was awarded prestigious architecture award Europa Nostra 1981, Diploma of Merit ‘for a concert hall designed with remarkable sensitivity’.

Berwaldhallen is also a sought-after concert stage for external organisers, and in addition to our own concerts and events, a large number of concerts, shareholders’ meetings and other events take place at Berwaldhallen.

Berwaldhallen. Foto: Arne Hyckenberg.

Berwaldhallen. Foto: Arne Hyckenberg.

In Nutida Musik’s (Current Music’s) second pamphlet of 1979, you can read about the trouble and strife experienced by the Radio Orchestra before the establishment of Berwaldhallen. The orchestra, then only comprising 45 musicians, led a nomadic life, and were often found at the Academy of Music at Nybroplan, in the Concert Hall at Hötorget, or at Cirkus on Djurgården.

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