Your safety as a concert visitor in Berwaldhallen is important to us. Therefore, we have taken a number of measures for our visitors as well as our staff to minimize the possible spread of infection.

We offer good opportunities to keep physical distance to other parties in our foyers. We have a large concert hall with space for 1300 concert visitors. A concert visit to Berwaldhallen is a safe concert visit.


All tickets may be purchased on Berwaldhallen’s website or by phone +46(0)8 – 784 18 00.
Berwaldhallen’s ticket office will be open for customer visits 2 hours prior to concert during September 2021.

All visitors are spread out in the salon with space between each party. You have the opportunity to buy one to eight tickets per order and event, provided you belong to the same company. Adjacent seats will not be bookable, everything is done automatically via our ticket system.

At the moment we offer a maximum of 300 tickets per concert, which is based on the regulations that apply to public events and public gatherings given by the Swedish government. If we are allowed to have more visitors in the hall this autumn, the number may increase until the day of the concert, but always with regard to restrictions and distance rules.

Favorable repurchase rules during the pandemic

Purchased tickets are redeemed for gift cards which are valid for 2 years.
The repurchase takes place no later than 1 pm on the day of the concert, or at 1 pm on the previous weekday of the concert when given on weekends.

This is a temporary change to our terms of purchase due to current recommendations.

Purchased tickets are redeemed for cash at canceled concerts or at concerts with extensive changes in the program.

Contact us on telephone +46(0)8-784 18 00 or via email for you repurchase.



Update August 31, 2021