Radio Producer Carrie Budelman
Mixing Engineer Johan Hyttnäs
Broadcast Technician Swedish Radio P2 Peter Flodby

Video Director Karl Thorson
Score Supervisor Jan B Larsson
Web Editor Ulrica Stjernqvist
Lighting Director Rickard Gabrielsson
Text Editor Hedvig Ljungar

Project Manager, Play Karl Thorson
Project Manager, Web Ulrica Stjernqvist
Production Manager Henrik Nilsson

Regarding Chromecast via iPhone
You can use Chromecast for the broadcasts on Berwaldhallen Play from computers and Android phones, but not if you play the concert from Apple’s iPhone. This is due to built-in limitations in the iPhone. If you want to see our concerts on a TV and have an iPhone, Apple’s own transfer technology (AirPlay) via an Apple TV works well.