Zara Larsson is the internationally celebrated artist with the unmistakeable voice. Now, she will perform a hotly anticipated concert with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, led by conductor and arranger Hans Ek. Epic sounds in the borderland between Zara’s breathtaking songs and grandiose, symphonic euphoria.

The concert was broadcasted on Swedish Radio P4 April 5 at 8.03pm and on Swedish Radio P2 April 9 at 7.03pm.

The concert was broadcasted on SVT2 May 1 at 9 pm. Broadcasting link for viewers with a Swedish IP address is available on Berwaldhallen Play.




The Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra is known worldwide as one of Europe’s most versatile orchestras with an exciting and varied repertoire and a constant striving to break new ground. The orchestra’s high-quality music making as well as its collaborations with internationally renowned composers, conductors and soloists have been rewarded with numerous prizes and accolades.

Permanent home of the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra since 1979 is Berwaldhallen, the Swedish Radio’s concert hall. In addition to the seated audience, the orchestra reaches millions of listeners on the radio and the web through Klassiska konserten i P2. Several concerts are also broadcast and streamed on Berwaldhallen Play and in Swedish Television, offering the audience more opportunities to come as close as possible to one of the world’s top orchestras.

“The orchestra has a unique combination of humility, sensibility and musical imagination”, says Daniel Harding, Music Director of the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra since 2007. “I have never had a concert with the orchestra where they haven’t played as though their lives depended on it!” The orchestra is also proud to have Klaus Mäkelä as its Principal Guest Conductor since 2018.

The first radio orchestra was founded in 1925, the same year that the Swedish Radio Service began its broadcasts. The Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra received its current name in 1967. Through the years, the orchestra has had several distinguished Music Directors. Two of them, Herbert Blomstedt and Esa-Pekka Salonen, have since been appointed Conductors Laureate, as well as Valery Gergiev, a regular guest conductor and co-founder of the Baltic Sea Festival.

No mere ‘Poster Girl’, Zara Larsson is that new kind of pop star. At just 23 years old, the Stockholm-based sensation is already a multi-platinum-selling artist, who has been nominated for 4 BRIT Awards, racked up over 6 million followers on Instagram, and showcased her sixth sense for hit melodies with a series of chart anthems.

Her first international album, So Good, became the second most-streamed debut by a female artist ever on Spotify, though Zara’s ambitions only begin with the bangers. Few mainstream acts can claim to have performed before the Nobel Prize committee, won an award for feminism from Sweden’s oldest womens’ rights organisation, and led a Durex campaign in association with the HIV charity Red. A budding Gen Z role model, Zara Larsson is a classic pop star, but in the most contemporary sense: frank, seemingly fear-free, and no-fucks-given (sample tweet: “Feminism and man hating are two different things. I support both”).

All of which sets the stage for ‘Poster Girl’ – Zara’s hugely-anticipated second international album, and without a doubt her arrival at Pop’s Top Table. Mixing some of the musical loves of her life (the dancefloor melodrama of local heroes Abba, the empowered R&B of early Rihanna) with tales of young love gone wrong (and right again), ‘Poster Girl’ also lets Larsson’s vibrant personality shine through clearer than ever before. “I’ve grown as a person, making this album,” Zara says decisively. “The thread is me growing up, being more comfortable and more confident. I’m not a teenager anymore; I’m a young woman.”



Approximate timings

Zara Prelude (arr Hans Ek)

Love Me Land (arr Hans Ek)
By Justin Tranter, Julia Michaels, Zara Larsson & Jason Gill

Transition 1 (arr Hans Ek)

I Would Like (arr Hans Ek)
By James Abrahart, Alexander Izquierdo, Marcus Lomax, Jordan Johnson, Stefan Johnson, Oliver Peterhof, Zara Larsson, Karen Chin and Anthony Kelly

Transition 2 (arr Hans Ek)

Poster Girl (arr Hans Ek)
By Zara Larsson, Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter, Jonathan Wienner, Sam Homaee and David Pramik

Transition 3 (arr Hans Ek)

Ruin My Life (arr Hans Ek)
By Brittany Amaradio, Michael Pollack, Jackson Foote, Stefan Johnson, Jordan K. Johnso and Jamie Sanderson

Ain’t My Fault (arr Hans Ek)
By Uzoechi Emenike, Zara Larsson and Mack

Transition 4 (arr Hans Ek)

Wow (arr Hans Ek)
By Thomas Eriksen, Joakim Haukaas, Madison Love, Brittany Amaradio and Marshmello

Need Love (arr Henrik Nordström)
By Fin Dow-Smith, Kamille, Joe Kearns

Talk About Love (arr Henrik Nordström)
By Amy Allen, Mike Sabath, Dewaine Whitmore Jr. and Jeffery Lamar Williams

Right Here (arr Karl-Johan Ankarblom)
By Mattias Larsson, Robin Fredriksson, Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels

Look What You’ve Done (arr Karl-Johan Ankarblom)
By Steve Mac, Kamille Purcell and Zara Larsson

Symphony (arr Per Ekdahl)
By Jack Patterson, Ina Wroldsen, Steve Mac and Ammar Malik

Never Forget You (arr Per Ekdahl)
By Uzoechi Emenike, Arron Davey and Zara Larsson

Lush Life (arr Per Ekdahl)
By Emanuel Abrahamsson, Mack, Linnea Södahl, Fridolin Walcher, Christoph Bauss and Iman Conta Hulten

In collaboration with SVT,  the Swedish public service television company