Sing along for big and small! Join in well-known, much loved children’s songs together with Sollentuna Musikklasser led by singalong host and music arranger Johan Pejler. We sing about kind bears in the woods, hungry sharks in the sea and sweet cats on a farm as well as woolly lambs and climbing mice.



Sollentuna Musikklasser is a 7-15 compulsory school with a special focus on music where each class forms its own choir. The school’s curriculum is based on a national choir tradition that includes a sacred as well as a profane repertoire. The school offers a wide selection of musical genres. The students give concerts in the school’s assembly hall, at large and small venues in and around Stockholm and in churches in and around Sollentuna. While the music syllabus focuses primarily on choir-singing, the students also study the theory and history of music. The aim is to develop young people’s voices, offer them a solid background in music and an open their minds to different types of music.

Johan Pejler has been a member of the Swedish Radio Choir since 1990. He frequently does solo performances and hosts Radio Choir concerts. He works independently as a soloist, composer and arranger. He is also a teacher and music therapist.

Även bas i Radiokören