For decades, the Radiojazzgruppen was the center of Swedish jazz with names such as Arne Domnerus, Bengt Hallberg, Rune Gustavsson, Egil Johansen, Jan Allan, Georg Riedel, and Lennart Åberg. This concert is a hommage to the group and all of the musicians who through decades has contributed to shaping Swedish jazz to what it is today. With new music by Georg Riedel we will also look to the future, through the eyes and ears of a new generation of musicians who will play in the coming concerts of Radiojazzgruppen.

The concert will be broadcast live on Jazzradion i P2 and Berwaldhallen Play.



Patrik Skogh
Elin Andersson
Emma Granstam
Jonas Lindeborg

Sven Andersson
Elin Forkelid
Andreas Gidlund
Amanda Sedgwick
Jonas Wall

Lisa Bodelius
Agnes Darelid
Anders Wiborg
Ebba Åsman

Jan Lundgren

Loke Risberg

Mattias Svensson

Rasmus Kihlberg


Trombonist Nils Landgren embodies the words diversity, curiosity and zeal. He performed with musicians like Björn Skifs, Thad Jones and ABBA before launching his solo career and, from their formation in 1992, as the front man of acclaimed ensemble Nils Landgren Funk Unit. He is a prominent recording artist, having performed on well over 50 albums since his first solo album in 1984.

In 1998, Nils started his extended collaboration with the NDR Big Band in Hamburg, first as section trombonist and later as Artistic Advisor, lasting until 2012. He has also been Artistic Director of prestigious Jazzfest Berlin for five years and for Bohuslän Big Band between 2007 and 2015. In 2012, Nils was appointed Artistic Director of the Jazz Baltica Festival in Germany after performing at the festival ever since its inception in 1991. 2006 saw the premiere of a self-described “long-time dream come true”, Christmas With My Friends, an all-star concert and album project that has since become a beloved Christmas mainstay.

Nils has been decorated with two medals by King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, Litteris et Artibus and Medaljen för tonkonstens främjande, and with the Bundesverdienstkreuz by German Bundespresident Frank Walther Steinmeier. Nils is Honorary Doctor at the University of Karlstad and Professor at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg.

Approximate concert length: 2 h (including intermission)