Chamber Unplugged: Amy Beach

Get closer to the music – and the musicians – with Chamber Unplugged! Musicians from the Swedish Radio Choir and the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra plays chamber music at Studio 2 in Radiohuset (the Swedish Radio), providing an intimate and engaging concert experience.

Meet spring with music by Amy Beach, an American composer and pianist who has been forgotten for many years, but is now on her way to being rediscovered!

Amy Beach was the US’ first female composer of art music to break through, both in her home country and internationally. She was very popular during her lifetime, but fell into oblivion. Lately, she has started to get attention again. Her songs were particularly popular, as was her symphony from 1896. She also wrote some chamber music – her Piano Quintet in F sharp minor and Theme and Variations for Flute and String Quartet will be performed here. Beach’s romantic inclination is evident in both pieces, as is her talent for beautiful melodies and skilful arrangements.

Concert length: 1 h