The P2 Classical Artist meets the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra’s Conductor Laureate in Mozart’s colourful fifth violin concerto: an acclaimed composer’s youthful work performed by an acclaimed young violinist. Additionally, Blomstedt interprets Franz Schubert’s Great C major symphony, a symphonic masterpiece to which he also has an important, personal connection.

The concert will be broadcasted on Swedish Radio P2 and Berwaldhallen Play November 20, 7 pm.


Information about the November concerts

Take part of Berwaldhallen's November concerts on Swedish Radio P2 and Berwaldhallen Play. Due to the stricter restrictions in the Stockholm region, the concerts are played without an audience.



The Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra is known worldwide as one of Europe’s most versatile orchestras with an exciting and varied repertoire and a constant striving to break new ground. The orchestra’s high-quality music making as well as its collaborations with internationally renowned composers, conductors and soloists have been rewarded with numerous prizes and accolades.

Permanent home of the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra since 1979 is Berwaldhallen, the Swedish Radio’s concert hall. In addition to the seated audience, the orchestra reaches millions of listeners on the radio and the web through Klassiska konserten i P2. Several concerts are also broadcast and streamed on Berwaldhallen Play and in Swedish Television, offering the audience more opportunities to come as close as possible to one of the world’s top orchestras.

“The orchestra has a unique combination of humility, sensibility and musical imagination”, says Daniel Harding, Music Director of the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra since 2007. “I have never had a concert with the orchestra where they haven’t played as though their lives depended on it!” The orchestra is also proud to have Klaus Mäkelä as its Principal Guest Conductor since 2018.

The first radio orchestra was founded in 1925, the same year that the Swedish Radio Service began its broadcasts. The Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra received its current name in 1967. Through the years, the orchestra has had several distinguished Music Directors. Two of them, Herbert Blomstedt and Esa-Pekka Salonen, have since been appointed Conductors Laureate, as well as Valery Gergiev, a regular guest conductor and co-founder of the Baltic Sea Festival.


Approximate timings

Less than two minutes of music. Almost nothing.
A motif that is allowed to develop in time.
A flower bud already showing what it wants.

This becomes a fanfare for Maestro Herbert Blomstedt: To my generation truly inspiring, someone who gave us such magnificent experiences, who opened our generation’s ears to the new, together with the Classical and Romantic repertoire.

And inspiring new generations is something Herbert Blomstedt has continued to do.
My heartfelt thank you.

Text: Daniel Börtz

Approximate duration: 2 hours