Ekdahl/Bagge Big Band unites the country’s best younger generation jazz musicians with legendary musician and composer Georg Riedel in a magnificent celebratory concert with new music by Riedel, written especially for the band. In connection with the concert, the music will also be released on a record – the first release for a big band that the composer is part of in decades. Georg Riedel will participate in the concert as the conductor.

Approximate concert lenght: 2 hours including intermission

The concert will be broadcast on the Swedish Radio P2 on December 28 at 8:30 pm


Song For Nobody Part 2, by Georg Riedel
Stubborness, by Georg Riedel
Ice Chrystals, by Georg Riedel
On A Second Thought, by Georg Riedel
Song For Nobody Part 3, by Georg Riedel
Dance Music by Georg Riedel
Det är vackrast när det skymmer, by Georg Riedel
Song For Nobody Part 1, by Georg Riedel


With Sarah Riedel:
Se här dansar Fredrik Åkare, Lyrics: Cornelis Vreeswijk, Music by: Georg Riedel
För tidigt väckt Lyrics: Lennart Hellsing, Music by: Georg Riedel
Minnena ser dig, Lyrics: Tomas Tranströmer, Music by: Georg Riedel
Språnglåt från Tegelviken, by Per Ekdahl
Tengtones, by Martin Sjöstedt

With Erik Söderlind:
Natt i staden, by Carl Bagge
A Letter To Gil Evans, by Georg Riedel
Une lettre a Django, by Georg Riedel
Brev till Albert Ayler, by Georg Riedel
Fast Music, by Georg Riedel