Baltic Sea Festival Science Lab

Science and classical music will fuse in the Baltic Sea Festival experimental melting pot BSF Science Lab where nine young scientists and nine composers get together in workshops to communicate Baltic Sea research and sustainability in an entirely new way.

Their achievements will result in the three performances Sense of Place, Emergence and One Health, and will be presented together with members of the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra. The audience will be presented with the theme, the connection to the Baltic Sea, reasons for being hopeful about the future and then experience three short variations on each theme.

Director: Elisabet Ljungar
Participants: Members of the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra

In collaboration with Stockholm University and Voksenåsen Music Academies

25 August:

16.00-16.45 Introduction and moderated conversation with the audience: Why should music meet science?
17.00-18.05 Performance 1 SENSE OF PLACE
Note – sales for this event will close on August 24 at noon.

26 August:
15.00-16.05 Performance 2 EMERGENCE
16.15-17.20 Performance 3 ONE HEALTH
Note – sales for this event will close on August 25 at noon.

Berwaldhallen Play

The performances will be broadcasted live on Berwaldhallen Play.